Investigating multimedia contents
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A. De Rosa, A. Piva, M. Fontani, M. Iuliani,
Investigating multimedia contents,”

in Proceedings of ICCST 2014, IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology, Oct 2014

With the increasing diffusion in our life of digital audio and visual contents, the investigation on multimedia objects is acquiring more and more interest within the framework of digital investigations, that consider all the aspects including digital data and digital devices. Starting from the international standards and recommendations on the correct procedures to deal with digital evidences and investigations appropriately, and exploiting the Multimedia Forensics technologies, we propose in this paper a possible methodology for correctly investigating audio-visual contents. Going through the steps of the proposed methodology in an illustrative case study, we show the capability of Multimedia Forensics as a tool for understanding the history of multimedia contents presented to the court as potential digital evidence.