The FORLAB team has been working together for years in the field of security technology for multimedia contents. The solid scientific education was accompanied by a strong interest in the investigative and forensic world. The complementary characteristics of individual elements of the team are mutually reinforcing, making collaboration pleasant, dynamic and fruitful. The autonomy in carrying out the different activities is supported by the constant exchange of views, that also allows a continuous quality control of the offered work.

Alessandro Piva

Associate Professor at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Florence, he coordinates the activities of the IAPP (Image Analysis Processing and Protection) Group, that conducts research on … Read More

Massimo Iuliani

Doctor of Mathematics with PhD in Mathematics with in-depth expertise in developing models and methods for the analysis of multimedia signals. At FORLAB he is primarily involved in consulting, specifically … Read More

Marco Fontani

Computer Engineer with PhD in Computer Science, with a pronounced predisposition to the exploitation of research for the development of technological tools. At FORLAB he is primarily involved in consulting, … Read More

Alessia De Rosa

Electronic Engineer with PhD in Computer Science and Telecommunications, with a decade of experience in the management of research activities within European projects. At FORLAB she is responsible for the … Read More