Phonic expertise

The voice is a biometric trace that characterizes a person (as well as fingerprints, eye color, etc.). This property offers the possibility to recognize a person by studying her/his voice, as well as to evaluate whether two voice samples, even acquired in different contexts, are compatible with the same person.



For example, the voice recorded by an interception could resemble the voice of a known person (e.g., for this person some phonic essays are available): through scientific procedures for voice comparison it is possible to evaluate if and how much this similarity exists between the items under examination.

FORLAB performs phonic consultancy’s services for vocal comparison in order to evaluate the degree of compatibility / incompatibility between two samples. The analysis is based on perceptive and acoustic parameters and on the application of state of the art scientific methodologies. The results of the analyses are presented following the guidelines of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes.