Multimedia Forensics techniques for analyzing digital images/videos

Advanced course for increasing the expertise on methodology and techniques for in-depth analysis of multimedia contents

Target audience:

Forensic Experts, Law Enforcement with a basic knowledge on technologies for the visualization and analysis of multimedia contents.


14 hours.

Digital images and videos are increasingly being considered as possible evidences during investigations and in trials. However, to maximize the impact of a multimedia content presented in court, its origin and authenticity should be demonstrated. Several techniques have been proposed so far by Multimedia Forensics for the analysis of digital visual data, in order to know their digital history, identify the source device, verify their authenticity. The proposed course is an in-depth training on the bases of Multimedia Forensics and on the most important technologies developed to date. Lectures will alternate with practical sessions, in order to provide expertize on both the operating principles of the methods and the practical application of the corresponding academic and commercial tools.

Detailed topics:

  • The digital data and its vulnerability: integrity versus authenticity
  • Methodologies and techniques for verifying authenticity of multimedia contents according to International Standards (ISO/IEC 27037, ISO/IEC 27041, ISO/IEC 27042, SWGIT/SWGDE Guidelines)
  • Methodology for digital investigation of multimedia contents
  • Introduction to Multimedia Forensics
  • Metadata and data format analysis
  • Source device identification through acquisition trace extraction and analysis
  • Authenticity verification and forgery detection, though the analysis of:
    • Coding traces: JPEG, Double JPEG, JPEG Ghost, ELA, video macro-block variation
    • Acquisition traces: lens, de-mosaicking artefacts (CFA), sensor pattern noise PRNU
    • Editing traces: resampling, clones, reflection, light/shadow, perspective
  • Practical training
    • Extraction and analysis of metadata (ExifTool, JPEGsnoop, Amped Authenticate)
    • Identification of source device (JPEGsnoop, izitru, Amped Authenticate)
    • Authenticity verification (Amped Authenticate, izitru, FotoForensics)