Methodology and technologies for digital investigation of multimedia contents

Basic course on methodology and techniques for in-depth analysis of multimedia contents

Target audience:

Lawyers, Magistrates, Judges, Forensic Experts, Law Enforcement.


6 hours.

When a multimedia content (digital image, video sequence, audio track) is used as possible evidence, its correct analysis allows to access to a large amount of information related to the digital data and its semantic content. Following an appropriate methodology for digital investigation allows to know the history of the multimedia data: through the application of Multimedia Forensics technology it is possible to trace back to the originating device, to know when/where the content has been captured, to verify the authenticity of the digital data and determine any manipulations, to improve the intelligibility of the content and extract important semantic information.

Detailed topics:

  • Multimedia content characteristics
  • Methodologies for digital investigation of multimedia contents
  • Metadata: types and their analysis; impact of social networks on metadata
  • audio-visual analysis
  • source device identification
  • Authenticity verification
  • Enhancement and analysis of content
  • Practical session: metadata extraction and analysis; source device identification; authenticity verification; enhancement and analysis of content (ExifTool, JPEGsnoop, Amped Authenticate, Amped FIVE)