Practical training on technologies for digital investigation on multimedia contents

Hands-on course to practise using tools for in-depth analysis of multimedia contents

Target audience:

Forensic Experts, Law Enforcement with a basic knowledge on technologies for the visualization and analysis of multimedia contents.


6 hours.

This course aims to be the practical completion of the course “Methodology and technologies for digital investigation of multimedia contents”, to provide a hands-on training on some Multimedia Forensics technologies for source device identification, digital data authenticity verification, improving the intelligibility of the content.

Detailed topics:

Practical training on the use of the following technologies:

  • Extraction and analysis of metadata (ExifTool, JPEGsnoop, Amped Authenticate)
  • Identification of source device (JPEGsnoop, izitru, Amped Authenticate)
  • Authenticity verification (Amped Authenticate, izitru, FotoForensics)
  • Enhancement and analysis of content (Amped FIVE)