The National Fire Corps


It was stipulated a Framework Agreement between the Ministry of the Interiors – The Department of Firefighters, Public Rescue and Civil Defense – Tuscany Regional Directorate and the University of Florence – Department of Information Engineering. Within the agreement, a joint activity was carried out and is still ongoing between the personnel of the Tuscany Regional Directorate of Firefighters and the team of FORLAB, with the aim of developing the skills related to the validation of acquired documentation in digital format as “source of evidence” during the criminal investigations conducted by the National Fire Corps (Polizia Giudiziaria – PG). The output of such an activity was the definition of an operational methodology for the correct collection, acquisition, processing, preservation and presentation of photo and video material, formalized into the operating instructions (“Manuale Operativo per l’acquisizione e la conservazione di documenti digitali come fonti di prova nelle attività di polizia giudiziaria”). These guidelines were presented during a workshop held on 13th May, 2014, at the Auditorium of the Prefecture of Florence. The operating instructions have been integrated with a software developed ad-hoc by FORLAB for facilitating the application of the proposed methodology consistently with the real needs of the staff of the National Fire Corps.